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Weirdest And Fun Camping Meals For Kids That You Need To Try

Camping is an activity full of fun because that is the time when kids are away from homework and distractions but are enjoying quality time in camps. At camps the staff has menus that provide both traditional and modern food like picky eaters. The only thing at camps is that kids must be able to voice their wants so that they are offered whatever they want. To make the camping experience good , try the following weird camping meals for the kids .

Prepare paper bag bacon and eggs at the camp to change the diet of the kids. You start by scrubbing burnt egg off a skillet under ice cold water. Paper bag is used instead of a normal frying pan to prepare the eggs. The ingredients required are eggs, pepper, salt, bacon . You could as well make bread bowls for kids while at the camp. You need quite a number of ingredients , eggs, ham, cheese, bread rolls , pepper and salt to taste etc. The preparation is quite simple , first you slice the top off the bread roll, make a bowl in the bread center , apply ham at the bottom part of the bread, put in the egg, salt and pepper, top up with cheese and put the lid back on , wrap with foil and bake on fire for twenty or so minutes until ready, unwrap and serve to enjoy your meal.

We have a blueberry muffin in an orange peel too. Oranges, blueberry muffin mix batter and the foil is all that you need. The procedure is very cheap, you cut oranges into two, using the peeled half put in batter, cover with the other Peel half and wrap with foil and place on fire after ten minutes check if its ready then serve the kids.

Try to prepare fire roasted cinnamon rolls for kids at camp. It is very simple to make them, you only put the canned cinnamon rolls on the roasting stick, you only roast and eat, you can do it repeatedly . To add on that you can try foil pack chilli cheese fries at the camps. You need to wrap a big batch of frozen fries in foil and put in the fire until fully cooked. You then unwrap the fries top with chilli and cheese and wrap again.

Octodogs are other meals that you can try for kids . Once you have roasted the Octodogs , serve with whatever you like with hotdogs. Other meals are campfire cones and pizza pockets. Try these meals at your camp for all the kids so as to better their experience at the camp.